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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review of The Messenger's Handbook by Forever Young Adult!

Most readers that have heard my name know I write snarky mysteries with cupcakes, silliness, ghosts, cocktails, and sexual innuendo. (Sometimes all on the same page!)

I'm also writing a Young Adult romantic time travel thriller series called The Messenger's Handbook. (More intense, more thrills, less snark.)

I love both genres, so my writer's brain ping-pongs between the two.

Going Indie is all about getting the word out. I contacted Forever Young Adult --

(Forever Young Adult's tagline, "For YA reads who are a little less Y and a little more A.")

-- and was thrilled when they agreed to read and review my book!

It's not a perfect review, but it's honest and I love it. Feel free to take a peek and then tour around their site. Thanks!

The paper book version of The Messenger's Handbook should be debuting any day now for those of you who like the feel and smell of paper. It's very very pretty!

Check out the cover designed by my talented friend and screenwriter, Michael James Canales.

At this time the 99 cent sales price for the e-book will return to it's regular $2.99. (Not a fortune.) So get it now or get it later! Just get it!


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