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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Author Hairballs and a FREE BOOK DL

I'm finishing up the next book in the Cupcake mystery series. It's titled Cupcakes, Pies, and Hot Guys. It's fun, it's silly and snarky.  I got a little stuck with the plot and decided to go blonder. Which is when I discovered that...

My hair changes depending on what's happening with my writing.

Here's the hair that God gave me. During this time I was writing a stand-alone mystery based on the  crime-solving adventures of my cat Spicy and dog Chris. (Dark blond and sun-kissed.)

Tragically, this book was never published.

Here's my hair when I signed with an agent at a great literary agency.Yippee! (Light brown and hippie-accessorized.) Now that I had an agent, the success of my first novel - Cupcakes, Lies, and Dead Guys was imminent.

This is my hair when the agency let go of my agent and fired me. Let's call it - Shock and Awe and Grief Hair Disheveled Auburn. (Notice I'm still smiling.)

At this point I stopped writing the second Cupcakes novel and started writing my YA time travel thriller, The Messenger's Handbook. 

When Krill Press picked up the ball and published Cupcakes I was already deep into researching King Philip's War in 1675. This was the bloodiest war in American history, (yes, literally,) as well as the backdrop to where my character Madeline time travelled and fell in love with Samuel in The Messenger's Handbook.

(Note: hair is dark and serious.)

Onto shopping Messenger and back to writing Cupcakes books. (Blond beach highlights. Okay, bottle blond highlights.)

Perhaps you scoff at this silly book vs. more serious book hair thing. Perhaps you think I am making this up? Okay. Let's examine the Cat Factor.

Here is my beloved cat, Theodore von Pumpernickle. (He is immortalized in the Cupcakes books.) His hair color is taupe, silver with accents of dark chocolate. He has long hair and was quite silly.
Theodore von Pumpernickle
After Theodore passed unexpectedly (RIP gorgeous, loving Teddy), I  continued to write Messenger and was eventually adopted by Lola the kitten. (Black, small and feisty.)
Lola the Kitten
I love writing both book series. Cupcakes are snarky frothy mysteries. Messengers are intense YA romantic thrillers.

Right now, Cupcakes (X fingers), seems to have a decent following. Messenger hasn't quite broken out yet. In spite of some really great reviews and feedback the word has to get out about this book. It's YA romance, adventure, true love. It rocks. People stay up all night reading it. I know this because they tell me on this blog. (Reference post on May 25th.)

This weekend Friday June 29th - Saturday June 30th, the Kindle version of The Messenger's Handbook is a FREE DL.

For your friends who love paper, there is now a paper version of The Messenger's Handbook as well.

What do you change when you're reading or writing? Do you have a black cat or a taupe cat? Or are you a dog person? (I love dogs too.) Are you into snarky mysteries? YA? Or both? Feel free to share with me. (And with your friends!)

Thank you!


Pamela DuMond

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