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Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Messenger Mortal Beloved Time Travel Book Trailer and more...

Happy fall, and please let that be a self-fulfilling prophecy in Southern California!

It's been the hottest record on summer on record in my neck of the woods, and while I am no stranger  to extreme weather, this one hit us hard.

I'm happy to say that The Assassin (Mortal Beloved, Book Two) has launched and is available in stores in ebook and paperback.

(Mortal Beloved, Book Two) 

Time Traveler. Messenger. Beloved. Spy. 

Madeline’s a Messenger: time traveling across lifetimes and delivering messages that could change one life or many. When she discovers that her true love, Samuel, is alive in present day but doesn’t remember her from their past, she journeys to a deadly royal conflict in medieval Portugal hoping to rekindle his memory. Mortal assassins as well as dark-souled time travelers seek to kill her. Will Madeline and Samuel be together again in life—or only in death? 

"I was a Messenger: I kept the memory of all our encounters, our lives, like a locket that brushes the skin and bones covering my heart. But Samuel was a Healer: he didn't time travel. His kind lived, died, re-incarnated, and he didn't retain memories from his past lives. Every year I landed in required starting our relationship over: from ashes, from scrap... Every place I journeyed had beauty as well as darkness; all my time-travels were bittersweet." ~ Madeline.

Super cool news! The Assassin was featured in the September issue of Glamour UK Magazine.

Look on the bottom second from the left!

And now for some mad, crazy fun -- I worked with Book Candy Studios to create a trailer for The Messenger Mortal Beloved Time Travel Series. 

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And voila' - here's the Book Trailer. Hope you enjoy!

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