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Monday, September 30, 2013

New Adult Book Launch Party on 10/1/13 for The Story of You and Me


Hi there:

Fasten your seatbelts. Place your tray tables in the upright position but DO NOT turn off your electronic devices!

I'm officially launching/announcing my new book, The Story of You and Me.

You're more than welcome to join our FB launch party tom./Tuesday 10/1/13 late afternoon - early evening PST. There will be author/reader chats, book excerpts, recipes shared, hot guys commented on and snarkiness will most likely ensue!

The Story of You and Me is a New Adult, Mature-Young Adult, Coming-of-Age romance with plenty of twists and turns. Yes, it has some swearing, intense situations and some tears. It also has a lot of giggles and plenty of romance...

It's NOT erotica.

There is a HEA for Sophie and Alejandro.

The Story of You and Me is about falling in love for the first time -- which can be magical, scary and exciting. Nineteen-year-old Sophie and twenty-year-old Alejandro aren't sure if they deserve love. Through the highs and lows of their shared journey they discover that they really do.

Description of The Story of You and Me:

Recommended for New Adult and Mature Young Adult Readers

She's driven to save her life. He's haunted by breaking one. Some secrets are risky to share. But nothing's more powerful than falling in love...

Nineteen-year-old Sophie has the kind of hope that makes her do weird things--like leave her family and friends behind in her small hometown and travel thousands of miles to a strange city--Los Angeles.

She didn't plan on getting into the middle of a bar fight on the USCLA campus her first night in town. She didn't want to be rescued by twenty-one-year-old Alejandro, the hottest guy she's ever met. She has no time to fall for a guy because her stakes are high--life and death.

Sophie's starting a promising, experimental USCLA Medical study that could heal her debilitating disease. But California's filled with all kinds of alternative healers offering medical miracles. When she ventures on her own to find them, she quickly discovers that L.A.'s a tough city, with bad guys more than happy to take advantage of her.

She hires Alejandro to be her driver and her bodyguard. Their journeys take them to sunny beaches, dicey ghettos, campus hang-outs, gang-infested hoods and celebrity parties. And she learns that healing doesn't always come the way you think you need it.

Sophie's healing is six-foot-two-inches tall, has stunning hazel eyes, black, shiny hair and a rock solid chest that shelters her. Her healing is a smart, gorgeous Alpha Boy with a killer sense of humor--Alejandro.

As they fall in love, she realizes Alejandro isn't your typical college party boy--he has a dangerous past. And Sophie isn't the only one who keeps secrets.

A Story of Hope. A Story of Love. A Story of Redemption.

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Paperback: Coming soon.

Pop in for a minute and join us!


Pamela DuMond


  1. Loved it! Sophie and Alejandro are perfect together!!!

  2. Thanks Terri! I'm so glad you enjoyed.